What to look for in a Gun Massager

Massage guns (sometimes called percussive massage treatment or vibration therapy) have become quite popular over the past couple of years. Perhaps it’s because of their increased presence by celebrities on social media, or perhaps it’s because many of us were locked down and couldn’t access a massage therapist.

Do they work?

The first question to ask before you invest in one is probably “do they work?”

Science suggests yes.

Most of the studies have focused on muscle recovery, soreness and even part of a warm-up exercise to prevent injury.

For example, one study looked at a 5-minute percussive massage on the calf muscles and found that it improved the range of movement by over 18%, similar to the result you’d expect from a conventional massage therapist, prompting the authors to suggest “including a percussive massage treatment in a warm-up regimen to optimize the flexibility level of an athlete, without losing muscle performance.”1

Another common use is the prevention of Delayed Onset Of Muscle Soreness (DOMS). DOMS is that soreness that follows a workout or exercise a day or two after the event. A study of 45 healthy female non-athletes showed a significant reduction in post-exercise muscle soreness, once again, equal to the benefits of a professional massage therapist.2

A recent review of many studies conducted at the University of Winchester also recommended the use of gun massagers as part of a structured warm up as well as part of a rehabilitation program post-injury to increase range of motion and reduce perceived pain and muscle soreness.3

What to look for

  • Adjustable speed
    Different muscles may need different speeds. You wouldn’t want to have the same full speed percussive action on your neck and shoulders as you would on bigger muscles of the legs
  • Ease of use
    Choose a device that you can comfortably use from an ergonomic point of view. If the device is too heavy or cumbersome, it won’t be an enjoyable experience. Also look for simple controls rather than bells and whistles
  • Fit for purpose
    A good gun massager will come with easily changeable heads. For example, a large round head for bigger muscle areas (back and buttocks); a smaller, flatter head for smaller areas such as calf muscles; a bullet head for feet; and a U or fork shaped head for the neck
  • Battery life
    Look for something that goes the distance
  • Portability
    You want to be able to take your gun massager with you – you never know when you might need it. Look for something light too.
  • Cost
    Once you start exploring the options, you’ll find a range of prices. Choose something that fulfils the criteria above without blowing your budget

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