What is a cushion massager and how does it work?

Combining the words ‘cushion’ and ‘massager’ already sounds relaxing doesn’t it?

And that’s exactly what it’s intended to do.

The beauty of a cushion massager design is that it can be used on multiple parts of the body – back, shoulders, neck, legs – wherever you have muscle tightness that could use some relaxing. Some even have adjustable straps so you can attach it to a chair. They’re also very portable, so you can take them anywhere, and use them fully clothed.

Many cushion massager devices use a Shiatsu-style massage. Shiatsu is ancient form of massage made famous by Japan, (the Japanese word actually translates to ‘finger pressure’) although it may have an even deeper history within Traditional Chinese medicine.

Inside the cushion, you’ll find rotating, ball-shaped heads that work their magic on your tight muscles.

Apart from feeling good (in the comfort of your own home or office), Shiatsu may also:

  • Promote emotional and physical calm and relaxation1
  • Help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression1
  • Relieve headache1
  • Reduces muscle tension1

Some cushion massagers also have the ability to provide heat too.

Applying heat to muscles (and soft tissues) yields a number of benefits:

Heat therapy not only helps relax muscle fibres by increasing tissue elasticity to reduce stiffness2, and knots, it also helps with recovery (if the stiffness is due to overexertion during exercise or unfamiliar activities).2

  • Heat increases blood flow to the area, which also brings nutrients and oxygen3
  • It accelerates healing4
  • Heat stimulates sensory receptors to help block the transmission of pain signals to the brain2

So, you not only get the benefits of the massage therapy, but also heat therapy.

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