Gift ideas for someone who has everything

Or maybe they just think they have everything.

There are many garages and sheds scattered with those things we thought we’d use. Exercise bikes anyone? Ab cruncher? Sometimes used to hang clothes from in a spare room or wardrobe, so not completely discarded.

The last couple of years has been challenging, to say the least. Pandemic – and the home schooling it brought with it, floods, fires, you name it, we’ve lived it. It would be fair to say that we’re probably all in need of a little stress relief. So, wouldn’t it be nice if we could grab a Shiatsu-style massage whenever we felt like it – in the comfort of our own home?

Shiatsu is an ancient form of massage made famous by Japan, (the Japanese word actually translates to ‘finger pressure’) although it may have an even deeper history within Traditional Chinese medicine. Whoever invented it is not the most important thing to note about shiatsu. What matters is the benefits. Apparently, it’s “best for people who want to feel relaxed.” 2

As an extra benefit, you can usually be fully clothed for Shiatsu.2

And thanks to the BodiSure range of portable Shiatsu-style massagers, you can enjoy some of those benefits at home, or work, or wherever you feel the need. Best of all, unlike a regular massage, the BodiSure range has a heat option – very good for additional relaxation. You can check them out here.

But what if the person you’re buying the gift for doesn’t need any help relaxing? Maybe they’re on a ‘health kick’ and needs some extra motivation? Perhaps they want to get fitter or simply lose some weight. If they’re using traditional scales to measure their success on either front, they’re only getting half the story.

Scales only provide total body weight. But if your gift recipient embarks on a more intensive exercise program, they will probably build muscle. However, muscle is more dense than fat. So, if they’re carrying an extra 10kg of fat versus 10kg of muscle, their body will look and feel quite different.3 They will look a lot more toned with that extra muscle.

That’s where a Body Composition Scale comes in very handy. A body composition scale uses complex scientific calculations to estimate the level of muscle versus fat based on the level of resistance to the electrical signal. If the goal is to lose weight, it would be nice to know that it’s fat that is being lost, not muscle, because muscle boosts our metabolism, so it burns calories even when we’re relaxing on the couch.3

Check out the BodiSure Body Composition Scales here. And for a limited time, they will even receive a FREE Quantum Fit 3D Pedometer to help keep motivated! So, whether the person you’re buying the gift for is looking to relax or get fit, there are still some gifts out there with their name on them.


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