Essentials for an efficient work and school life this year

Benjamin Franklin, a Founding Father of the United States and great philosopher once said, “Lost time is never found again”. He also said, “Time is money”, so clearly it was a very important commodity to Mr Franklin.

How often have we wished for another hour in the day (unless we’re doing something we hate, of course)? Obviously, we can’t make time, but we can make the time we spend matter more. In other words, how can we become more efficient with our allotted time?

While many of us do waste a lot of time scrolling through the small screens we carry around in our pocket or bag, there is no doubt that these smartphone devices come with the power to help us do more while we’re out and about.

When paired with some good quality Bluetooth earphones, they might be a game changer for you.

If you spend a lot of time commuting to work or school, here’s your opportunity to put that time to better use. Perhaps the best place to start is by listening to an audiobook on productivity. David Allen wrote a book called Getting Things Done and pretty much started a movement. It’s the bible of efficiency at work or home. There’s even an associated podcast.

And speaking of podcasts, if you do a web search for ‘productivity podcasts’ you’ll see a long list of them. Best of all, they’re usually free. Subscribe to the one or two that suit and you’re already being more efficient – learning something new without losing time.

You don’t have to be a commuter to gain that efficient learning technique, you can also listen while you walk or indulge in another form of very useful exercise, cook dinner, do the gardening, or clean the house. It is really that simple!

Thanks to Covid, whether you’re a student or a worker, chances are you spent time in online lessons or meetings. Once again, a good set of Bluetooth earphones can be your friend. The clarity of the incoming audio (that you’re supposed to pay attention to) might make your life a bit easier – less chance of having to ask someone to repeat something you missed because you couldn’t have the computer speakers turned up too loud in case you disturb the other person working or home schooling.

Then there’s the mobile phone call. You need to make notes or refer to other documents, maybe even on the computer screen, and you run out of hands. Make the most of multitasking with your wire-free earphones, which are quickly turning into the most valuable weapon in the fight to save time and become more efficient.

You can even order them online! How’s that for efficiency.

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