Can I Use A Massage Gun Every Day?

Massage guns are becoming increasingly popular due to their simplicity and cost-effectiveness, as they provide professional percussion massage similar to that of physical therapists and sports trainers. These products offer a great way to accelerate recovery and enhance performance.

This guide explains how to correctly utilise a massage gun for the most efficient results.

How does a massage gun work?

Firstly, let’s take a look at how a massage gun actually works. Muscle knots are groups of muscle fibres that are in a persistent state of contraction. When a muscle is tense, the nerves in it can be entangled, causing irritation through nerve signals.

Mechanical stimuli, such as pulsatory oscillations from a percussion device, or manual massage can be used to lengthen muscle fibres and provide relaxation of knots and tightness. One tool which can achieve this is a deep tissue massage gun.

What are the advantages of using a massage gun?

Soothe away those aches and pains with the power of muscle massage!

Pulsed percussion massage therapy has been studied for its potential benefits in relieving chronic pain, and may be beneficial for those with health issues due to age, sickness, or disability.

Massage guns are effective for lessening muscular stiffness, aiding recovery time following physical exertion, and may be recommended by top athletes for pre-performance warm-ups.

May help reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) 1is a condition that results from intense physical activity. It can cause muscle soreness lasting between 24 and 72 hours. Percussion therapy, such as using a massage gun, may reduce the severity of DOMS and aid muscle recovery.

Tight muscles are relaxed, and muscle soreness is greatly decreased, thanks to using a massage gun for percussive treatment. It also interferes with transmitting pain signals from the brain to the body, reducing bodily pain perception.

Exercise can contribute to improved performance among athletes.

Percussive therapy is known for aiding athletes in improving their performance. Investing in a percussion massage device may be beneficial for those who practice sports and wish to increase their performance.

Experts have reported that percussive therapy can effectively target muscles, increase blood circulation and oxygen delivery in the body parts treated with massage guns. 2

Enhancing muscle flexibility can be achieved with this technique.

To increase muscle flexibility, consider engaging in activities such as yoga, dancing or exercise.

Studies from the Institute of Human Movement Science in Austria have shown that the use of massage guns can improve flexibility and range of motion.

Massage guns are beneficial for muscle relaxation, as well as increasing flexibility which can help prevent injuries and improve performance.


Scar tissue can be improved using this treatment.

Fibrous tissue can form between soft tissues due to damage or surgery, which can become trigger points if not treated. A percussive massager may provide myofascial release to elongate muscle fibres and stretch fascia in order to break down scar tissue caused by injury or surgery.

Scar tissue has a lower level of elasticity than other muscle tissues, making it difficult to move. Percussion massage techniques have been known to reduce discomfort and help improve the range of motion and flexibility.

What is the longest time recommended for using a massage gun?

Massage guns utilise percussive force to penetrate deeply into the muscles, thus enhancing blood flow and helping athletes to prepare their muscles before working out or aiding in recovery after. It is recommended to utilise this equipment for up to 2 minutes at each muscle area, performing this action up to 2-3 times per day as part of a warm-up and/or cool-down routine.


When used before an exercise, percussion massagers can activate muscle areas and increase muscle mobility and flexibility. You may notice significant increases in your performance if tight muscles do not restrict you.

You can also aid in preventing injury by using a massage gun to activate muscles throughout your warm-up. For example, to engage targeted muscles before an exercise, run the massager over them for 30-40 seconds.

Staying active is important.

The percussion gun has been used by athletes to reduce muscle spasms and fatigue during exercise, though there is limited research on its effects.

For best results when using the gun during your workout, apply it to each area for 10-15 seconds.

After exercising.

Utilising a heated massage gun after physical activity can provide notable benefits for recovery, such as reduced pain and increased muscle flow that helps reduce lactic acid build-up.3

It is recommended to use a massager for up to two minutes across each muscle area for optimal post-workout recovery.


To Relax

The massage gun can be used to reduce muscle tension and help with relaxation. It should be applied to each muscle region for up to two minutes.

It has been shown that working muscles for more than 2 minutes can cause bruising or other forms of harm. Nevertheless, this brief time is all that is needed to obtain the best results from such tools.

It is suggested to use a massage gun for 10-30 seconds on each area of the body that has a specific ailment. If multiple locations of illness exist, there is no limitation as to how frequently one should use a massage gun, but ensure that it is moved constantly in order to prevent skin discomfort.


What About Full-Body Sessions?

Massage guns can be beneficial for workouts and medical disorders such as cellulite, fibromyalgia, sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, and other conditions.

For a full-body workout, it is recommended to spend no more than15 minutes and apply a massager gun on each muscle group for 15 seconds to 2 minutes.

Regular exercise can provide a range of benefits, including decreased muscle soreness, improved stress levels and sleeping patterns, better immune system function, increased attention span, enhanced circulation of blood and lymph, and increased athletic performance.


What is the most suitable massage gun attachment?

When sending attachments, evaluate the context and choose accordingly. Ensure that you follow the instructions provided by the massage gun manufacturer.

The best percussion massager with the round head attachment is suitable for larger muscle groups, such as the thigh muscles. The bullet and fork head accessory is the perfect choice for precise spot treatment and small scale operations.

For those hard-to-reach muscles like your calves, thighs, and shoulders, try out the special foam head attachments – tailored for whatever size you need!


Guidelines for the Appropriate Use of a Massage Gun

Massage guns should not be applied to strained or torn muscles. Muscles should be treated separately from bones, nerves, joints, and tendons. Do not use the device on scabs, sores, recent bone fractures, malignant lesions, or areas with reduced sensitivity.

While the sensation of a massage gun can be unpleasant at first, it should not be painful. If you’re hurting after using one, it’s possible you pressed down too hard or for too long, so ease up and discover your sweet spot.

Apply the massage gun less strongly if you experience pain while doing so. Take a break and try again later if you can’t find the perfect area with your pistol.

In conclusion.

Massage guns can be a suitable tool for providing self-massage and addressing muscle tension, when used correctly.

Massage guns are easy to use and safe, provided that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding usage frequency and intensity.

The BodiSure Massage Gun Pro is a handheld muscle therapy device with a 2800rpm brushless motor, 6 massage heads, and deep tissue vibration to help induce relaxation in a broad area of the body.

This muscle massager has 5 speed settings, a lightweight and cordless design with comfortable grip, and a 15-minute timer. It is ideal for post-exercise recovery.

The BodiSure Massage Gun Mini is a handheld muscle massager with a brushless high torque motor, 4 massage heads and powerful vibration to relax the muscles in various parts of the body.

This cordless handheld muscle massager is designed to provide post-workout relaxation, with adjustable speed and a lightweight, comfortable design that makes it easy to use in order to reduce muscle soreness.

The massage guns are equipped with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery, providing up to 8 hours of use.


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